Thanks so much u guys ;u; she’s just so great even if we don’t actually become a couple I’ll still be content. I just love being with her. I’m so glad she decided to sit on the bus with me and strike up a conversation that one day

most importantly of all: she likes waluigi. when we got to the character select screen when we were playing mario party she immediately selected him and i was like “WTF MAN I WAS GONNA SELECT HIM” and shes like “BUT I LOVE WALUIGI”.

this girl is marriage material 

holy shit let me tell you all about the past few days because they’ve been the actual best 

for a while now ive been getting off the bus with the girl i like and her friend and we’ve been going back to her friends house to hang out. wednesday night we were all there at her house until like 10pm omg

but last night and tonight i hung out with just the girl i like and ive had so much fun. we laughed at stupid vines and youtube videos for like an hour yesterday.

shes really good at piano tiles, i was playing it and she was like wtf is that can i try and i was like yeah go ahead and it was on fuckin hell mode and i sit there and watch as she just beats my highscore by 130 points?? so then she downloaded it and we’re currently in the midst of a piano tile war. i still havent beaten the highscore of hers thats on my phone. i havent beaten any of her highscores and she just thinks its the FUNNIEST THING. u kno what

we ATTEMPTED to watch a movie together but like 20 minutes in i turned on my phones flashlight to find something and she goes “LOOK” and puts her hand in front of the light and makes shadows on the wall and stuff. we literally messed around and made fucking shadows with our hands laughing our asses off for i dont even know how long. we never finished the movie. and then we listened to some music together, mostly jimi hendrix because purple haze has become an inside joke between us and we kept bursting out singing it randomly. did i mention that she has great taste in music. james spader and his many fedoras is another inside joke. there are more we already have lots of them

and then tonight we played mario party and mario kart and i kicked her ass c:< revenge is sweet

and then we played some rock band HORRIBLY and oh my god that was so much fun i was fucking crying and my throat hurts a little from performing death metal and screamo vocal renditions of beatles songs. we couldnt find the drumsticks for the set so we just used two wooden spoons. whenever she was singing and we’d start inevitably laughing she kept looking back at me from the tv and missing more notes and we’d just lose our shit we must have failed the song like 50 times

and then we watched some invader zim and youtube videos and she mentioned she likes gravity falls I HAVE TO WATCH IT WITH HER SOMETIME!!!

i just got back after walking her home and im so happy. she just makes me so happy. ive never grown so comfortable around someone in such a short amount of time. when we’re with her friend and we start laughing at something as a group, i look at her almost immediately and shes always looking back at me. her laugh is so genuine and cute. we hugged and she was nuzzled and laughing against my neck and i think i almost died

but my favorite moment of the entire night we spent together only lasted for a few seconds. while we were watching videos we were eating yogurt, and i hear a small “oh no” beside me and i look over and shes looking at me and shes like “i got it on my face”. and she had yogurt on her nose and it was so adorable, i almost blurted out “you’re so cute” like you know when you see something and you say something so quickly in response its like a reflex. thats what it was. it was truly the cutest thing i had ever seen. she quickly wiped it off and holy shit shes so cute

oh, and shes gay. she told me a while ago and i came out to her too.

ive been in a bit of a sour episode but she instantly cheers me up. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh help

Hi. If anyone cares, I’m (unfortunately) not dead.

I don’t know when I’m going to start coming on here often again. I would type up the usual self-loathing spiel but I don’t even have the drive to do so. That, and venting on here just gives me a reason to feel guilty. I have enough of this weird, unwarranted guilt-like feeling as it is.

We’ll see, I guess.

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whispers use the villager

jez believe me i have been ready to use the villager ever since they were announced 

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im playing the ssb demo it finished downloading and i am ascending

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